'Mask baby' happy to return to school

PHOTO: 'Mask baby' happy to return to school

BEIJING - Wang Gengxiang, a 7-year-old boy from Fenyang, Shanxi province, returned to school after more than a year of medical treatment.

Xiang Xiang,  as he is also known, was seriously burned in a wood fire, losing four fingers and having his face severely disfigured.

He has to wear a mask during his recovery as protection against the sun, so his nickname is "Mask Baby".

Because of his poor family situation, he has received help for his recovery from many people in different walks of life.

Mijiazhuang Kindergarten in Fenyang has accepted him with a discount in fees, and he is back in the classroom, which he had missed.

Xiang Xiang is now happy among his peers, and they are helping him rebuild his life and offering their optimism.

Previously, China Daily had reported Xiang Xiang's father as sayign that that many children in the village have refused to play with his son since the accident because of the way he looks.

Then, he spent most time with his 3-year-old brother and puppy. A photo of him playing with his black and white puppy touched hearts around the nation.