MediShield Life to protect better for life: PM Lee

PHOTO: MediShield Life to protect better for life: PM Lee

SINGAPORE - Singaporeans can look forward to being better protected against large hospital bills for life when the MediShield Life Review Committee's recommendations are implemented, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Thursday night.

The Prime Minister said in a Facebook post that payouts would be significantly improved despite the higher premiums. He also assured that premiums would be kept within one's Medisave contributions.

The Government will subsidise these higher premiums for everyone at the start of implementation, and will continue to subsidise those in the pioneer generation group as well as middle and low-income citizens for the long-term, he added.

PM Lee was referring to the MediShield Life Review Committee's recommendations, which are expected to cut out-of-pocket payments for major hospital bills by as much as half.

The recommendations will also mean that at least nine out of 10 patients staying in B2- or C-class wards will be fully insured.

Here is PM Lee's Facebook message:

MediShield Life will protect all Singaporeans better against large hospital bills, for life.

The Review Committee released more details on their recommendations today. Payouts will be significantly improved. Premiums will be higher, but will still be well within your Medisave contributions.

At the start, the Government will subsidise premiums for everyone. After that, it will continue subsidising the Pioneer Generation, middle and low-income citizens.

Here are eight things to know about MediShield Life:

And here are some examples of how much families have to pay:

Thank you to the members of the Review Committee and the public who have contributed to the MediShield Life consultation. - LHL