MediShield Life review: Allow insurers to cover pre-existing conditions

PHOTO: MediShield Life review: Allow insurers to cover pre-existing conditions

SINGAPORE - When MediShield Life kicks in next year, those with pre-existing conditions not currently covered under MediShield should have to pay an extra 30 per cent in premiums for 10 years.

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MediShield Life Review Committee's recommendations:

For All. For Life. All Singaporeans will benefit from MediShield Life protection regardless of health status, throughout our lives

• All Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents will be covered by MediShield Life throughout our lives, regardless of financial situation

• All pre-existing conditions will be covered

• Everyone shares in the national risk pool and plays a part in supporting pooled healthcare costs

  • Government to bear about 75 per cent of the costs of bringing those with pre-existing conditions under MediShield Life, at an estimated cost of $850 million over the first five years
  • Individuals with pre-existing conditions pay an additional 30 per cent of the standard premiums for the fi rst ten years
  • All other Singaporeans to co-share a modest part of the costs

Integrated Shield Plans 

Make Integrated Shield Plans work better

• Government to work with the insurance industry to develop key features for a Standard Integrated Shield Plan that will provide adequate coverage at the Class B1 level

• Allow Integrated Shield Plan insurers to manage those with pre-existing conditions differently from healthy policyholders, including allowing for risk-loading

• Improve existing regulatory and accountability framework for Integrated Shield Plans and approved insurers