'Men who abstain from sex may develop impotence'

PHOTO: 'Men who abstain from sex may develop impotence'

A urologist from Taiwan claimed that men who abstained from sex for three years or more could develop impotence, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Quoting the former president of the Taiwanese Association of Andrology, Dr Jiann Bang-Ping, the report said such men might develop Widower's Syndrome if they did not engage in sexual activity for three to five years.

Widower's Syndrome usually occurs after a man has lost his spouse.

Dr Jiann said half of the estimated 1.7 billion men with impotence were Asians, adding that, "By 2025, two of every three patients will be Asians."

He said that ageing, unhealthy habits such as smoking, and chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems could also caused impotence.