Mental well-being of working adults 13% lower than general population

SINGAPORE - The mental well-being of working adults in Singapore is 13 per cent lower than the general population, according to the Health Promotion Board (HPB) which conducted a survey with 1,000 respondents.

Data from another survey also indicates that one in six working adults in Singapore experiences a relatively high level of stress compared to one in 10 non-working adults.

Results also found that 40 per cent of the 1,200 small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) HPB surveyed expressed an intention to invest in the mental well-being of their employees - even though three quarters of them recognise the benefits of supporting and improving staff's mental health.

To improve the mental well-being of Singapore's workforce and help employers do more to promote mental health at the workplace, HPB is launching a new initiative called the Workplace Mental Health Solution.

It will provide solutions at three levels - employee, management and organisational.

Said Dr Amy Khor, Minister of State for Health and Manpower: "Nearly 70 per cent of our population are in the workforce, many of whom deal with stress every day as part of a typical fast-paced urban lifestyle.

"HPB's Workplace Mental Health Solution offers a three-in-one solution to help employees and employers boost mental health at the workplace through accessible and affordable tools and resources tailored separately for employees, managers and the organisation as a whole.

"Companies will find much value in HPB's Workplace Mental Health Solution as it supports them in creating effective and targeted programmes for their employees' well-being. This, in turn, helps create a healthier, happier and invariably more productive workforce."