Mentally-ill mum jabs baby over 90 times

CHINA - A mother jabbed her eight-month-old baby more than 90 times - mostly in the face - after he bit her while breastfeeding. The incident took place in Xuzhou, eastern China's Jiangsu Province.

His mother is said to be mentally unstable, reported Chinese portal Chinanews. The boy, named Xiao Bao, was discovered by his uncle.

The infant was lying in a pool of blood in the yard and was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors were shocked to see his wounds, reported Malaysian news portal The Daily Chilli.

The little boy received more than 100 stitches and is now in a stable condition. Doctors said his scars would fade as he grows up.

Xiao Bao was living in a recycling station with his mother and two paternal uncles.

One uncle, Mr Wang, said he woke up around 5am on July 6 and was shocked to see Xiao Bao lying in the yard of their house, covered in blood.

"He was still breathing. I quickly carried him and rushed him to the hospital," he recalled. Xiao Bao's mum was sleeping then.

The family was unable to find out from her what led to the attack.

"It's hard to communicate with her. Nobody understands what she is saying," said Mr Wang.

But the family later concluded that maybe Xiao Bao bit his mother when she was breastfeeding him and she jabbed him repeatedly with a sharp object in anger.


Mr Wang recalled how Xiao Bao's father met his mother about seven or eight years ago.

He said: "My brother was collecting rubbish outside and met a 30-something woman with mental problems. He brought her back and they had been living together.

"She later gave birth to three children. The eldest is six years old, the second one three and Xiao Bao is the youngest."

Xiao Bao's father died last November.

The family has been taking care of the children since then, Mr Wang said, adding that Xiao Bao's mother, who seldom talks to anyone, stays in the house most of the time.

The family said they are not making a police report due to the mother's mental condition.

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