Mexican man horribly disfigured after injecting household products into face

PHOTO: Mexican man horribly disfigured after injecting household products into face

Hugo Hernandez Garcia from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, has been living with a disfigured face for the past 17 years after his quest to become more good looking went wrong.

The former stylist performed a number of cosmetic procedures on himself in pursuit of flawless skin. One of the procedures involved injecting baby oil into his face, which he believed was a low-cost alternative to collagen treatments.

Odditycentral reported that his skin became red and blotchy after the procedure, and unnatural-looking lumps appeared all over his face. 

Not only did Hugo lose his once charming looks, his health also took a hit. He now takes over 15 types of medication a day, lives on a special diet, drinks plenty of water and stays away from alcohol, Odditycentral reported.

He has reportedly gone to several doctors in  the hope that they can fix the damage to his face, with no concrete results so far.

He agreed to tell his story after Spanish news agency El Manana approached him for an interview. They had noticed him asking for charitable help outside a convenience store.

Hugo told El Manana that he does not mind revealing his face in public, but he does occasionally fall into depression. "In my head, I try to tell myself that I have nothing to hide," he said.

"So I need to go through treatment because I get thoughts that I'm horrible, I look like a monster."

He told the news agency that he realises he made a mistake and regrets having been so obsessed about his looks. He added that he hopes others learn from his mistakes and wants to tell those who may be similarly intending to fix their appearances to consult proper medical experts before taking the plunge.