Michele Reis removed eight benign tumours

She often fell sick this year, so her birthday wish was to be in good health.

As a birthday present, her husband arranged for her a full body medical check-up that included an endoscopy.

During the endoscopy, eight benign tumours were discovered in her intestines and stomach.

"It was removed as soon as it was discovered, it was done this month," she told Chinese press Red Net.

Michele showed up as a special guest for a promotional event on June 21 looking visibly slimmer.

Answering the media's queries, she revealed about her recent operation to remove the tumours.

She said she usually avoids seeing doctors as she fears discovering any ailments. She thanked her husband Julian Hui for his "huge" role in helping to discover the tumours early.

Her 42nd birthday fell on June 20, and she had her birthday dinner with her family.

Her 15-month-old son Jayden Max was not present as he was asleep at home.

She told reporters that at the moment, she is not considering having another child.

Michele also denied rumours that she had suffered a miscarriage, saying it was inauspicious.

However, she did not take the rumours to heart, treating them as just a piece of news.