Microsite launched to gather feedback on MediShield Life recommendations

PHOTO: Microsite launched to gather feedback on MediShield Life recommendations

SINGAPORE - REACH has set up a microsite for Singaporeans to give their views and feedback on MediShield Life, following the MediShield Life Review Committee's release of the full report and recommendations today.

The REACH MediShield Life microsite [www.reach.gov.sg/medishieldlife] is an online space for members of the public to give their feedback, as well as discuss their views with fellow Singaporeans.

The public can also send in their questions on Medishield Life and answers will be provided for the commonly asked questions.

Senior Minister of State for Health and Manpower, and REACH Chairman Dr Amy Khor said: "MediShield Life represents a key enhancement to our healthcare financing system that aims to provide lifelong and universal coverage for all Singaporeans, and better protection for large bills.

The Review Committee released its full report and recommendations today and the Government has accepted all the recommendations of the committee on the design of the scheme.

Dr Khor added that the Government also welcomes the committee's recommendations on Integrated Shield Plans and other related issues, and will study how best to implement them.

"But the process does not stop here. We want to continue to engage the public and hear their views. I hope that Singaporeans will join the discussion on the recommendations and continue to share their feedback through the REACH MediShield Life microsite as this would help us in our policy implementation," she said.

In addition to the microsite, REACH will be organising face-to-face dialogue sessions, Facebook Chats and setting up Listening Points to engage the public and gather feedback on MediShield Life.