'Miracle baby' drops from mother's womb during accident

CHINA - In an amazing story that has riveted Chinese media for more than a week, an infant boy in East China was born during the car accident that killed his parents.

The uncanny incident has stirred up a flurry of mixed feelings online, with some Internet users expressing awe at the miraculous outcome, and others lamenting the awful tragedy and the infant's fate.

The events that transpired are incredible. The as-yet unnamed child dropped from his mother's womb as she and her husband, riding on a motorcycle, collided with a racing truck in Xiamen, Fujian province.

The infant, who was apparently thrown from the carnage, was found many meters away and bleeding.

Witnesses rushed to check the child and were ready to assume his death, only to see him move and cry in an outburst that turned the onlookers into a frenzy.

The baby was taken to the Haicang Hospital and is still receiving treatment for bruises.

The dead couple, surnamed Zhao, was in their 40s. The accident left the couple's other two children, a boy and a girl, orphans.

Experts said it is exceedingly rare for infants to survive similar ordeals when forced out of mother's body because of a traumatic accident.

Many Internet users sent their blessings online. Some commentators said their heart goes out to the family, while others said they were touched by how strong a mother can be in this dire situation.

Fund raised

A charity event in Haicang district, Fujian province, raised 1,2420 yuan (S$2,400) for the baby.

A company provide 1000 umbrellas for charity sale and all fund collected through the sale will be used to assist the baby.

Over 300 people bought umbrellas or chose to donate cash in the event.