Mister Singapore finalist can't have kids after testicle injured during a taekwondo session

SINGAPORE - Wilson Lim, 29, may not have had the easiest childhood, having a speech impediment.

His stutter was later reduced, however, after he started working at a call centre and had more interaction with people.

But it was a taekwondo sparring practice session before a competition 10 years ago in Penang that changed his life forever.

Injuring his testicle during a fight that got out of control, Lim was told by doctors that the chances of him having a child are close to zero.

"I ended up with a leg injury, along with an injury that has now left me incapable of having a child," the engineer at an oil company said.

"One side is not functional because it basically burst."

Lim, who is single, said the episode was "sad" and "traumatising", but that he consoled himself with this: "There are so many abandoned kids out there who need homes and I could be that one person to help them in the future when I'm ready to have a family."

He channels his paternal instinct to a less fortunate three-year-old Vietnamese child through the World Vision Sponsor A Child programme, where he actively donates money towards the well-being of the boy.

Lim said: "He mails pictures that he draws and I write letters to him too. I'm excited about visiting him for the first time next year."

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