Model transformed with make-up so she can understand sister's acne problem

Megan's face was covered with a layer of prosthetic acne, allowing her to experience the impact of her sister’s skin problems first-hand. Megan's reaction was then captured on film.
PHOTO: Model transformed with make-up so she can understand sister's acne problem

She wanted to know how her sister, plagued all her life with acne problems, feels on a day-to-day basis.

So British model Megan Morewood had her face transformed by a professional makeup artist - to one covered with acne marks and bumps. Given a mirror after the process, Morewood looks visibly upset and troubled.

In the two-minute long clip by sk:n clinics, Morewood explains that her sister's severe acne affects her confidence level greatly. Working as a model for 13 years, Morewood said having good skin is very important to her.

"I'd quite like today to find out a little bit more about what she goes through and just put myself in her shoes," she says.

In the clip, she sits patiently while the make-up artist creates pus-filled spots all over her unblemished skin using a layer of prosthetic acne. Her reaction was then captured on film.

When she is given a mirror to see the final results, the impact of how terrible people suffering from acne feel hits her.

"The fact is that when I left the studio, it is not even about other people judging me. It's more about how I feel about myself, my self-esteem. I already feel less confident. And that is something my sister has had to deal with for years.

The video is one in a series of three created to give people with clear skin an insight into a condition that affacts millions of both men and women worldwide.

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