Model undergoes 18 cosmetic surgeries in 7 years

Model undergoes 18 cosmetic surgeries in 7 years

UK - Only 27-years-old, British model Laura Summers has already undergone a whopping 18 cosmetic procedures to "upgrade" her looks.

She has spent an estimated £60,000 (S$95,000) so far on procedures ranging from the normal, such as fillers, botox and collagen injections in her lips, to the plain bizarre, such as pinning back her ears twice.

On her hair, tan and nails alone, she has spent a total of £13,500 (S$21,376), The Sun UK reported.

And it's not like she can afford it either - she was already in debt to the tune of £30,000 (S$47,000) back in 2011 for three breast enlargement procedures, a reduction and two nose jobs.

Her addiction began when she was just 19, when she had one boob job and a nose job done to "perfect" her look.

"Since my 18th birthday, whenever my dad offered me the choice of a car or a boob job, I chose the boob job," she told The Daily Mail UK.

She told the news site that her insecurities were the result of the physical abuse and bullying she received at school, and at least part of the reason for her decision to modify her appearance is the fact that she was given a hard time in school for her looks.

"I had to leave school at 13 after a first year of hell at secondary school, getting abused everyday, physically and mentally, which resulted in me getting a broken nose, broken ribs, broken fingers and much more," she wrote on her website.

"When I was younger I used to be a size 14, have acne, a broken bent nose, dumbo ears, crooked teeth and saggy boobs. Well, that's to put it all bluntly," she wrote.

Vainest woman in Britain

One day, she was even followed home and brutally beaten up by three guys and two girls, she said. That was the day she decided to leave school. However, her insecurities and bullying didn't stop once she entered the working world.

In four years, she had worked in 12 different salons, each time being asked to leave when other members of the staff took a dislike to her.

But despite her problems fitting in, she believed that she was a "beautiful person inside", and finally decided to change her looks on her outside to "match" her inside.

Vainest woman in Britain

Today she's been called by the press names such as a "human Barbie doll" to the not-so-flattering label "Britain’s vainest girl".

But she says contrary to hating them, she loves the labels, as it is through hard work and dedication that she's achieved what she is today.

"I am proud of what and who I am, and the look I have achieved has definitely made me who I am today - a more confident and happy person," she said, adding that her motto is to change what you don't like, rather than live with it.

Eight years later, she is now a glamour and commercial model, beauty queen and TV personality.

No intention to stop

No intention to stop

Despite her success, she has told tabloids that she has no intention to stop her addiction.

She told The Daily Mail UK that she constantly thinks about her looks, whether to get a mortgage or a nose job, and would even sacrifice money for food to have her "nails done".

At one point, her addiction even caused her to suffer severe lip inflammation arising from a lip filler injection. Her lips had ballooned to four times their normal size after a botched £200 (S$316) jab by dubious trade fair participants.

The jab was quick and cheap, but soon she began to feel light-headed and later in the day, her whole face became numb and she began dribbling uncontrollably.

It took more than a year for the swelling to go down and her lips to go back to looking normal.

But today, she still opts to undergo for regular lip injections in order to achieve a fuller look for her lips.

To Laura, her aim is to achieve "celebrityism" and she's not ashamed of it, or the lengths she has gone to achieve it.

"(I want to) spread the word that you should never be ashamed of who or what you are, or what you want to become – no matter who tells you otherwise," she said.

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