Modern-day illness, old-world cures

This is a true-to-life story-a multi-faceted experience which we can all learn from. Whenever there is an immediate health situation that needs attention, the tendency of most people is to reach out for over-the-counter medication and/or prescription drugs.

Truth is, drugs are not the best cures for the everyday aches and pains that plague us. We should all remember that for as long as we feel physical sensation from a simple headache to a muscular twitch, there's a reassuring message-that we are alive!

So, whether it's minor pain or pleasure you feel, accept it has as positive sign that life flows strongly through your veins.

A young mother's pain

While many consider motherhood an easy task, it is one of the most challenging. Balancing the role of parent and wife is an art as well as a skill. And when the demands become overbearing, little illnesses are expected to be present themselves.

Katherine is a 29-year-old housewife and mother of two young children. Each morning when she awakes, a nagging toothache greets her without fail.

Constant visits to the dentist failed to solve her problem.

One day, desperate to permanently eradicate her predicament, she searched for cures in the natural world.

This led her to a spice called cinnamon. What a revelation it was to discover that one of its strongest benefits is to treat toothaches.

'Reliable home remedy'

A small tree which grows in South Asia and the Middle East region, cinnamon, which is a common kitchen ingredient, also has medicinal properties. There are two types of cinnamon-Ceylon and Cassia-both derived from different trees. But the true cinnamon is from Sri Lanka and is more delicate-tasting. The cinnamon that one buys in the supermarket is Chinese cinnamon or Cassia. Cassia has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to treat various ailments.

What does cinnamon contain that gave Kathy quick relief from something that pained her for over a year? Cinnamon contains high antioxidant activity. Its potent oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. A great source of manganese, calcium, iron and fiber, it has been elevated to the level of a reliable home remedy.

Sipping two cups of hot water mixed with one teaspoon of ground cinnamon, this helpless mother soon conquered her toothache. By sipping her homemade tea daily for two weeks, her nagging toothache slowly diminished in strength. Today, totally cured, she is down to a daily cup as a preventive measure.

If you wish to ensure the effectiveness of a natural remedy, make sure it's organic (especially pesticide-free). While you may not be sure about the supermarket kind, there is always the convenience of consuming all-natural cinnamon in capsules. Cinnamon can now be a safe and effective addition to your kitchen medicine cabinet.

Cinnamon sprinkle

Make it a habit to sprinkle cinnamon on your food, salads, soups, toasts, pancakes, etc. Just a pinch or two is enough to get you started on your health regimen.