Mother and daughter team up to lose half their weight in one year

PHOTO: Mother and daughter team up to lose half their weight in one year

Birmingham, US - An inspirational mother and daughter duo have amazed many with their story of supporting each other in each losing half of their body weight in just over a year.

According to, the 58-year-old mother saved $20,000 for surgery. But when she tried preoperative diet, she suffered such severe side effects that she decided not to go through with the surgery.

Instead, they decided to help each other lose weight the normal way. The mom started her journey weighing 129kg, and she is now down to just 61.3 kg for her 160cm height.

The daughter's story is equally amazing. She started weighing approximately 118kg, and now she is a slender 56.8 kg for her 165cm height.

"My mother and I began our weight loss journeys a little over a year ago. She actually began her journey in September of '06, and I was inspired by her amazing success. Therefore, I began changing my life in March of 2007 as well," said Rachael of Birmingham, Alabama.

Writing in a forum post on, she shared pictures of herself and her mother transforming from size extra large to svelte and toned individuals.

"Not only did you lose pounds, looks like you lost years too! A LOT of years," commented forum poster Shanara.

Sharing their weight loss secret, Rachael said the trick was to stick to a "pretty strict diet." She confessed that they never really exercised throughout the entire process. Just by dieting alone, they were able to lose about 4.5kg a month.

"We didn't do any specific diet or exercise program. We just stuck to what we knew was healthy (things that come from the earth such as fruits and vegetables, as well as lean meats such as turkey and chicken).

"We never overindulged either. We did allow ourselves maybe one "cheat" meal every couple of weeks, such as eating out at applebee's, but we generally stuck to the weight watchers portion of the menus. As for fluids, we drank plenty of water, diet tea, and crystal light as well," she said.

She admitted that while they did not actively exercise, the weight loss did make them more active. "We got out a lot more and did a lot more things because we felt so great," she said.

Practical tips on losing weight

Practical tips on losing weight

Rachael's mum also shared some tips on how the pair achieved their amazing weight loss. :

1) Utilise calorie counting websites to ensure that you are eating about 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day. If you go over 1,200 one day, keep to a 1,000 calorie diet the next.

2) Severely limit carbs.

3) Eat LOTS of fresh fruit (apples, tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, pears, peaches, strawberries etc),

4) Eat LOTS of green/yellow fresh vegetables (cabbage, carrots, squash, green beans, zucchini, cauliflower, onions, broccoli etc).

5) Eat LOTS of turkey, chicken, tuna and other fresh fish. Severely limit your intake of beef and ham

6) Buy some low calorie frozen dinners such as Lein Cruisine or other such items

7) Eat tomatoes to really fill up when you are hungry

8) Buy fresh steamed and frozen low calorie vegetables to fill up during dinners

9) Make egg/vegetable fritattas for breakfast - an egg-based dish similar to an omelette. To make the dish, lightly fry a vegetable of your choice (chopped bell pepper/carrot slices/onion slices/mushrooms slices etc), and pour two beaten eggs over the vegetables. Cook on one side and then flip it over like a pancake, then add a sliced tomato for breakfast (note: no bread).

10) Use absolutely NO seasoning (no butter, salt, pepper or oil). Eat straight up plain cooked veggies.

"I no longer have high blood pressure and just got approved for the ultimate life insurance - which means I had to prove that I had NO health issues," Rachael's mother proudly proclaimed.

Healthier and happier

She added the extra tip that it was great fun having a companion to track their success each week, shop for healthy foods, and do more physical activities together.

Another great motivation was shopping for new smaller sizes.

The mother added that it's important to be tough on the self and not allow oneself to slip. "When you do make a mistake, quickly get control of yourself and get back on the self-control wagon. Only officially weigh (yourself) one time a week and keep a weekly log with dates.

"You will see progress. Stay disciplined and keep your spirits up," she said.


Their determination has really paid off for the duo. While one no longer has high blood pressure and is in the pink of health, the other had the most wonderful surprise of her life in March 2009.

She became engaged during a birthday surprise at Disney World. "She is really living her life now with her "new self" and really seeing herself succeed! I am so proud that we were able to take this journey together. We are both still doing great with our new sizes and new chapters of life," her mother said.

Posting a photo of a mother and daughter wedding shot, Rachael revealed herself resplendent in a boned bodice wedding gown, holding hands with her equally beautiful mother in a blue gown.