Mother reclaims wasteland to plant safer vegetables

PHOTO: Mother reclaims wasteland to plant safer vegetables

SHANDONG - A retired mother reclaimed an area of wasteland to plant vegetables in order to provide safe greens for her pregnant daughter in East China's Shandong province, Qilu Evening News reported Friday.

The woman, surnamed Ge, started pondering ways to provide trustworthy vegetables for her pregnant daughter after the mother-to-be was plagued by week-long diarrhea in March caused by kidney beans bought from a local food market in the province's Yantai city.

After retiring in April, Ge commenced reclaiming the wasteland not far from her home and intended to plant safe food for her daughter, surnamed Yu. It took Ge a whole month to complete a small piece of planting land of 10 meters wide and 30 meters long. Ge has currently completed sowing the seeds.

The daughter said that she appreciates her mother's love and hard work and had previously tried to persuade Ge to stop but failed. Now if the weather is fine, she always accompanies Ge to look after the land at each weekend.