Mothers inspired by Sun's figure and tips from a star

PHOTO: Mothers inspired by Sun's figure and tips from a star

SINGAPORE - After the press conference, celebrity mum Stefanie Sun headed down the hall of Goodwood Park Hotel to join 60 mothers from all walks of life for an intimate interactive workshop organised by voluntary welfare organisation I Love Children and sponsored by Abbott Nutrition.

One of the participants who registered for the event was Ms Joanna Low, a 35-year-old mother of two.

Besides being starstruck, Low was amazed to hear Sun discuss the challenges she faced when handling both work and family demands. She has decided to take on a few tips Sun shared on shedding the extra kilogrammes.

She told The New Paper: "I thought it was quite amazing to see a star like her in person and listen to her sharing her experiences with us.

"She was very down-to-earth and I could really relate to her.

"I will definitely try and practise the tummy exercise that she mentioned, which helped her get back in shape."

Ms Lynn Yang, 31, will head back to work tomorrow and is slightly worried.

But after seeing Sun's lithe figure despite having gone through her first pregnancy, she became inspired.

Ms Yang said: "It was so nice to see an example of a mum looking so good. It gives us hope that we can look good too!"

Sun also advised mothers who are straddling motherhood and their careers to think positively, something which Ms Chan Pei Shi, 29, who has a four-month-old baby, found was an important tip for all working mothers.

Ms Chan said: "I liked that she said, 'You'll always be the best mum your baby will ever have.'

"It's a good consolation for working mums who constantly feel that they cannot give 100 per cent to their child."

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