MRT acid burn victim forced to sleep face down

PHOTO: MRT acid burn victim forced to sleep face down

SINGAPORE - The 27-year-old victim of acid left on an MRT train seat says that the wound has yet to heal and she has problems walking, bathing and even sleeping.

The beautician from Malaysia, only known as Ms Law, boarded the northbound train at Raffles Place station and sat on an empty seat with a wet patch she neglected to notice.

The liquid substance turned out to be a strong acid, which soon left a badly corroded palm-sized wound in her buttocks.

According to reports, she started crying in fear on the spot.

She approached an SMRT staff member for help and was rushed to the Singapore General Hospital for treatment.

Her mother, worried about her, asked her to return to Malaysia. On Monday afternoon, Ms Law's brother drove her back to Johor with her sister accompanying her.

Ms Law said the wound has dried out but is still leaking pus, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

On the car journey back to Singapore, which was more than an hour long, she could only sit on the side of her buttocks that was not injured.

She told the Chinese daily that the hours it took to get back home were very painful.

She also revealed that she has to sleep face down, as if she accidentally lies on her injured part while sleeping, she will be awakened by the searing pain from the wound.

Ms Law described daily life as a hassle, from dull pain upon awakening to avoiding water touching her wound when she bathes.

She said the incident hasn't turned her off taking the train, but that she is very wary of sitting down now.

At home, she wears a sarong everyday to avoid the friction from the fabric intensifying the wounds.

Due to her injury, she also has to stay home to rest for 10 days, and stands to lose a thousand dollars for everyday she does not work.