Nancy Yeoh takes a break to seek treatment for cancer

PHOTO: Nancy Yeoh takes a break to seek treatment for cancer

Datuk Nancy Yeoh (C) is seen here with Ning Baizura (L) and Syafinaz Selamat (R) at the Charity party at the Cartier Boutique for ST Pocket Money Fund in Singapore.

KUALA LUMPUR - Stylo International president and chief executive officer Datuk Nancy Yeoh has uterine cancer and will be taking a leave of absence to seek treatment.

"I have a problem with hypertension so I went for a check-up. After an operation last week, I was shocked and overwhelmed when my doctor told me I had uterine cancer," she said after announcing this year's line-up for the Stylo Fashion Grand Prix 2012 at Hilton here yesterday.

Yeoh explained she decided to make public her diagnosis to quell speculation.

"There were rumours going around that I was ill. Well, I'm not dead yet," she quipped.

She first informed family members, close friends and partners.

"Word then spread and ministers called me, too. People wanted to know if the fashion festival was still on. The answer is: of course!" she said, adding that her team and partners would be able to make the Stylo Fashion GP work without her.

"You can't choose not to have cancer, it chooses you. I asked my doctor if there was any good news and he said if I'm going to have cancer it might as well be at this early stage, so it is still curable and I can do something about it."