National Skin Centre launches patient health portal

SINGAPORE - National Skin Centre (NSC) launched its patient health portal - the first of its kind in Singapore and possibly Asia - this morning at its premises in Mandalay Road.

The online system allows patients to access various components of their medical records at NSC, such as their diagnosis, prescribed medication, and the procedures they have undergone. They can also obtain the results of past laboratory tests, as well as send queries to their doctors and nurses about non-urgent visit-related matters through a secured e-mail.

"The portal is very effective as I received prompt replies from the healthcare team," said Ms Adeline Lee, 30, a patient at NSC. Ms Lee added that she could learn more about her condition and treatments through the portal, which includes links to relevant articles written by NSC doctors.

Approximately 200 patients have signed up for the system since its soft launch last December. Registered users can access their medical records dating back to 2004.

Dermatologist Dr Steven Thng, who led the project, described the patient health portal as a 'key' for patients. Through it, patients can easily access their medical records at NSC and share them with other health providers if they wish to do so.

However, this does not compromise the privacy of patients' medical information. Access to the health portal is audited, and NSC will notify patients of any suspicious activity in their accounts. NCS Group, which developed the health portal, also implemented security systems that are in line with the best practices in the industry to prevent unauthorised access to patients' medical records, said NCS Group's general manager Mr Chan Kah Choon.

NSC's patient health portal is now available to all its patients. They can register for an account at the centre's billing and appointment counters.