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Anything and everything goes when it comes to your various questions and reactions. So here are the answers, according to subject.


The best way to remove toxicity from the body is to undergo detoxification. During the stone age, the Earth was an unpolluted planet. But today we have to contend with heavy metals (mercury, carbon monoxide) in the air and water as well as pesticides, preservatives in foods which eventually all accumulate in body fat and tissues.

When the internal organs reach overload levels, symptoms begin to appear like constant headaches, dizziness, recurring cough, weakness, bloatedness. The result: you feel lousy or sick.

Is it possible to restore the body's optimal health levels? The answer is yes.

To do:

1) Introduce more "live" food to your diet-"live" meaning rich with enzymes such as raw, uncooked vegetables and fruits. The general rule is, the greener the veggies, the better. And the deeper in colour, the more packed with antioxidants-for example, green leafy vegetables, or deep purple and red/yellow fruits.

2) Exercise, so that one's sweat glands are activated, speeding up the elimination of pollutants from within.

3) Immune boosters: Include a high-vitamin/mineral antioxidant supplement, most especially vitamins B, C, D, Alpha-Lipoic acid, glutathione.

4) Lymphatic drainage: Consider acupuncture, lymphatic drainage massage. One of the most effective of energy medicine detox therapies is the Ordamed (available from Rapha Health), a pulse electromagnetic frequency device made in the United States which applies energy to restore balance to the body and automatically analyzes where the imbalance is located. It is able to revitalise the body and address conditions such as a sluggish lymphatic system, stress, weakness, insomnia, metabolism problems, etc.

Quality sleep

It is only during sleep that the body regenerates. Most especially, it is the crucial time when HGH (human growth hormone) is released. The dramatic effect of sleep is immediately seen in the quality of one's skin.

Children aged 13-16 who take daily afternoon naps stimulate their built-in growth spurt.

It is a medical fact that a healthy lifestyle and good quality sleep (seven to nine hours) will determine how well we look and feel.

Tip: If you suddenly yawn, it means that your body needs to take in more oxygen because you are doing shallow breathing instead of deep breathing. It has been widely observed that when the quality of sleep is affected, the quality of health is also affected negatively.

Fatty liver

The message is in the name. According to anti-aging expert Dr. Michael Galitzer, the first four letters of liver is "live." In order to do just that, you should take care of your liver. For one, avoid a heavy meal late at night, like 9 pm onwards.

Add more vegetables and lessen red meat in your diet. If you have a fatty liver condition (steatosis), this means that its fat content is more than 5-10 per cent. Symptoms: weight loss, weakness, poor appetite. Causes: alcoholism, inherited metabolic disorders (check your genetic predisposition).

A fatty liver has also been connected to type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood cholesterol and side effects of certain medications.

The good news is that it's a reversible condition.

To do: Major lifestyle changes like healthy eating and exercise and drinking organic coffee enemas. (Reference: Dr. Omar Arabia II, Paracelsus, Integrative Medicine Clinic, tel. no. 2151953)

Organic coffee flushing

Ingredients: 2 tbsp of organic coffee, 2 pints of purified water, enema kit.


Boil the coffee in an uncovered glass container for 15 minutes. Allow to cool up to very warm temperature. Strain the coffee. Pour liquid in enema kit.

Lie down on your right side where the liver is located. Place enema bucket in an elevated area. Rub end of enema tube with virgin coconut oil. Introduce the liquid in three installments into the anus. (The tube must be three inches inside the anus.)

Hold the liquid for as long as 10-15 minutes. First-timers may not be able to last that long, but you will feel much lighter after the procedure. Do this once a week. Make sure your stomach is not completely empty. Do not proceed if you are hungry. Consult your doctor. Do not follow this regimen if you have ulcer or hernia. (Reference: "Bombshell" by Suzanne Somers)

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