NEA explains improvement in hazy conditions this weekend

SINGAPORE - The improvement in the hazy conditions this weekend was due to a temporary area free of dense haze upwind of Singapore and transient changes in the local wind conditions, the National Environmental Agency (NEA) said.

The 3-hour PSI dropped to 73 yesterday at 5pm - the lowest levels in days. The 3-hour PSI at 9am today stood at 101, just barely within the "unhealthy" range of 101 to 200 PSI.

The 24-hour PSI at 9am was 108 to 121, and PM2.5 concentration 111 to 141 micrograms per cubic metre.

However, NEA said that the 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) is still expected to fall within the "very unhealthy" range of 201 to 300 for today.


Healthy people

  • Avoid prolonged/strenuous outdoor physical exertion
  • Wear N95 mask if prolonged and strenuous outdoor activity is unavoidable

Elderly, pregnant women and children

  • Avoid all outdoor activity
  • Wear N95 mask if prolonged outdoor activity is unavoidable

People with chronic medical conditions especially lung or heart disease

  • Avoid all outdoor activity
  • Wear N95 mask if prolonged outdoor activity is unavoidable

Those who are not feeling well are advised to seek medical attention.

Employers are advised to provide suitable respirators to all employees carrying out outdoor work. They should also deploy susceptible employees to work indoors, preferably doing work which is not physically strenuous.

MOH has activated the hospitals to prepare for the anticipated increase in the number of cases of asthma, bronchitis and conjunctivitis.

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