Nepal PM speaks of cancer battle

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala.
PHOTO: Nepal PM speaks of cancer battle

BIRATNAGAR - A day after a CT-Scan report showed a small 'black spot' in his lungs Prime Minister Sushil Koirala publicly said here on Wednesday that he is a cancer patient.

"I consumed cigarettes and chewed tobacco excessively when I was young. Now I am enduring the sufferings it caused," the prime minister told the reporters at Biratnagar Airport. He said he suffered from tongue cancer and received treatment in America. I am going to America after few days for the regular check-up, he added.

He said a small 'black spot' noticed in his lungs could also be caused by the cigarette and tobacco consumption.

Upon hearing Prime Minister Koirala revealed his cancer ailment, Education Minister Chitra Lekha Yadav and Nepali Congress leader Sujata Koirala, who accompanied the prime minister, looked one another in astonishment.

"I am not a man who conceals such disease. We should not hide the disease," replied Prime Minister Koirala when Sujata asked him why he publicly said about his ailment.

The prime minister said the disrupted House would be resumed before he left for America for treatment. He claimed the genuine demands raised by the UCPN (Maoist) were addressed by the government. He is of opinion that the Maoist's obstruction of the parliament affects the constitution writing and budget presentation.