New mum finds medical dressing in private parts

A young mother found a piece of gauze, which slipped out of her vagina, two days after giving birth to her first child in Sungai Petani, reported Kosmo!

Norsyazwani Mohd Nasirudin, 25, complained of sharp pain whenever she sat down or stood up.

"I assumed it was due to the stitches I received after delivery, and thought nothing of it," she said.

The worried mother then had a check-up at the Bakar Arang health clinic in Kedah.

However, she was sent home without any prescription as she showed no signs of fever, headache or itchiness.

Four days ago, she started bleeding and was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors found a blood clot in her vagina, and had it removed on Thursday. She was prescribed with antibiotics for bacterial infection.

Her husband Mohd Shahid Azim Mohd Saufi, 25, filed a police report at the Kuala Muda police headquarters and plans to take legal action against the hospital for negligence.