New sleep centre opens at Paragon

SINGAPORE - For all those who have trouble getting to sleep or staying awake, there's a new sleep centre located at Paragon for you.

Launched by renowned sleep specialist Dr Kenny Pang, the Asia Sleep Centre carries the latest state-of the-art equipment to help patients who have difficulty sleeping (insomniacs) to those who have difficulty keeping awake (apneics).

The clinic also attends to all other forms of sleep disorders, including snoring, sleep walking, night terrors and bed wetting.

The clinic will see the implementation of Dr Pang's unique treatment of snoring and sleep apnea - Pang's Expansion Pharyngoplasty - which has been found to have a surgical efficacy of 86 per cent success.

In addition, it will make use of other pioneer technologies such as the Sleep Diagnostic watch device that can be worn on the wrist at home and a series of smartphone applications that disburses useful tips on the go.

Dr Pang has a Masters of Medicine in Otorhinolaryngology and is an accredited ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon/specialist.

He is also the founder and president of the ASEAN Sleep Surgical Society, president of the International Sleep Academy and fellow of the American Sleep Academy.