Nip-tuck quick-fixes

What is aesthetic medicine?

The procedures are generally non-invasive. This rules out surgery, which require an operating table and general anaesthesia.

Usually, lasers and machines are used in procedures such as removing hair, lightening pigmentation and treating acne.

Chemicals may also be used to help remove old skin and start a renewal process.



Smoothens wrinkles and brow furrows.

People with square jaws can get injections to relax muscles in the area, softening the face. Stops excessive sweating in areas such as armpits. Fillers

Evens out and plumps up folding flesh in areas such as eyebags, frown lines, droopy nose bridges and tips, and saggy cheeks.

Intense pulsed light

Uses specific wavelengths of light to target various colour molecules in the skin to rejuvenate it. Also used to remove hair.

Cool sculpting

For fat loss

Uses a machine that freezes fat cells, which are then shed by the body naturally over the next six months.

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