No arms? No problem: Uni student overcomes disability with his feet

PHOTO: No arms? No problem: Uni student overcomes disability with his feet

FUJIAN, China - University student Fan Ling from Fujian province, China, readies himself for a table tennis match.

But unlike his opponent, Mr Fan is holding his table tennis bat with his foot.

It is a technique that the student has mastered, after he was seriously injured in an accident at the age of five.

Back then, unaware of the danger, he had climbed onto a power transformer near his school and was electrocuted.

Mr Fan lost both his arms and a ear in the accident.

But he never despaired because of his disability.

Instead, he overcame incredibly difficult odds to lead a normal life, using his feet to do everyday things like eating, writing and changing clothes.

Mr Fan, who is in his 20s, told Xinhua news agency: "Fate gave me a painful kiss, but I'll sing a song for her!"

In 2010, he did well in his examinations to earn a place in the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, where he is specialising in the development of agriculture villages.

The student also hails from a farming village in the northern mountainous region of Fujian.

In addition to his studies, Mr Fan holds leadership positions in school, and has been invited to give motivational talks to students on how to stay positive.

A beacon of inspiration to his peers, he is also actively involved in public welfare activities and education programmes in the countryside.

Even with the two national awards that he received last year in recognition of his achievements, Mr Fan remains humble.


He has been described by teachers as very polite and always keen to learn, while his classmates regarded him as a "friendly, trustworthy, and respectable" close friend.

But Mr Fan is also quick to give credit to those who had supported him throughout.

"My journey thus far has been very tough, but I'm always surrounded by the warm company of friends, teachers, and classmates.

"Their love and concern for me has taught me to be gracious and give back to society."

Mr Fan is now waiting for the results of the national postgraduate examinations, which he took on Jan 3.

He said: "Even though my wings may have been cut by fate, I can still use my feet to chase my dreams."

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