Non-medical public healthcare workers to get larger pay package

SINGAPORE - The increase in productivity levels of some 16,000 non-medical public healthcare workers will be paying off in the shape of a larger pay package for them this year.

The wage increase, which is to be given out at the end of September, is aimed at retaining high performing staff and to motivate them to remain committed to the service and patients, said Health Minister Mr Gan Kim Yong.

He said that the rising expectations for public health services means that the workload has increased and become more difficult for healthcare staff.

An example of an initiative that has resulted in an increase in productivity in the industry despite this is the use of Calypso chairs by the Institute of Mental Health to get patients from the bed to the bathroom, The Straits Times reported.

Previously, the job required two medical staff, but now it requires just one.

The changes have also resulted in five hours being saved a day and 10 per cent fewer falls by patients, Mr Gan said.

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