Nymphomaniac forces man into 36-hour sex session

PHOTO: Nymphomaniac forces man into 36-hour sex session

A 47-year-old German nymphomaniac was arrested after she kept a one-night-stand hostage and forced him to make love to her for a staggering 36 hours.

The man, an African, was found sobbing in the street outside the woman's apartment by policemen, the Daily Mail UK reported.

The man told the police that the ordeal began when he met her on the bus. He thought it was his lucky day when she invited him back to her apartment in Munich, Germany.

For the next 36 hours, he was stuck in her apartment facing her incessant demands for sex.

He later escaped when she was asleep.

"It was hell. I can't walk. Please help me," he said, fighting back tears.

According to local reports, Munich police have confirmed his claim in a press statement.

The woman has reportedly been taken to a hospital for psychiatric observation.

The man is believed to be the latest victim of the German nymphomaniac, and this is not her first brush with the law for her insatiable sexual appetite.

In mid last month, German news publication The Province reported that the same woman was arrested after forcing her date to make love to her eight times.

According to the report that claimed the incident happened in March, the man was so desperate to get away that he fled on to the balcony and called the police for protection.

"Trying to kill me with sex!"

"Trying to kill me with sex!"

Dieter Schulz, 43, who is believed to be her first victim, met the nymphomaniac in a bar in the centre of his home city. They then went back to her apartment where they proceeded to have sex several times.

"When the 47-year-old wanted even more, her partner said no," said the police in a statement.

According to The Province, Schulz attempted to leave the apartment. However, the woman refused to let him do so and stopped him from escaping.

She kept demanded that he sleep with her again and again.

"He complied with the woman's wishes another few times so he could finally leave the apartment," the police spokesman told reporters.

"But when she continued to refuse and demanded even more sex from him, he fled to the balcony."

He called the police and pleaded for help, alleging that "she is trying to kill (him) with sex."

"I cannot get out, and I cannot go on!" he reportedly said.

When the police arrived on scene to free Schulz, she invited two of the officers to join her in bed for a '"quickie," the Daily Mail said.

However, they declined her offer.

She faces possible charges of sexual assault and illegal restraint.