Oldest woman in Malaysia dies of lung infection at 105

PHOTO: Oldest woman in Malaysia dies of lung infection at 105

MALACCA - Pint-sized Labkura Khetani (pic), said to be the oldest woman in the country, has died at the Malacca Hospital here.

She was 105.

Her family said she died at about 6.10pm on Saturday, five days after being admitted to the hospital for lung infection.

Grandson Nishrint Shangani, 46, said the family decided to ward her at the hospital after she complained of phlegm congestion and breathing difficulty.

"Despite her condition, she talked to scores of people who visited her and to get her blessings," he said.

Labkura was revered by the Gujarati community who considered her as a sanctified person due to her age that had breached 100 years.

Labkura, who was fluent in Malay, was living in the Banda Kaaba heritage town here before her death.

She was a young girl when she first arrived in then Malaya.

Nishrint said just before she died, Labkura had asked about the well-being of her 24-year-old great-granddaughter.

"My grandmother's death was a peaceful one," he said.

Hundreds of people were present at her funeral service in Jalan Chan Koong Cheng here yesterday.

In an interview with The Star in September last year, Labkura said her longevity could be due to her vegetarian diet, which went with bread and capati, and "giving plenty of smiles".

She did not take rice while her favourite drink was tea.

Though frail-looking, she did not suffer from any serious ailment other than arthritis and a slightly impaired hearing.