Online resellers quick to cash in on health demands

Online resellers quick to cash in on health demands
PHOTO: Online resellers quick to cash in on health demands

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN- Online resellers are cashing in on the sales of fitness sand health supplement products with the rise of awareness in health lifestyle among Bruneians.

Internet-based businesses are especially quick to cash in on the lucrative opportunity. Thus, helping to meet the growing demand of dietary supplements as more individuals are now becoming more nutrition conscious, with weight-training, body building and fat loss goals.

While a lot of people today know how to order online, most of them prefer to go to online stores or individual resellers to purchase items immediately," said Fakhrul Islam, a former reseller who intends to restart his business, in lieu of the rising demand.

"Most of the time, people do not want to wait. They want items that are in stock. (And) when they only want to buy one product, it's going to save them shipping costs, as retailers like us buy in bulk," said the 24-year-old, adding that the local market is becoming lucrative due to the rise of awareness in healthy lifestyle among Bruneians.

"Bruneians are (becoming more) aware about the need to lead a healthy lifestyle."

He added that there are also a growing number of gyms sprouting up - from proper fitness studios to home-based gyms.

Fakhrul said that the increased consumer awareness in health and fitness supplement products is encouraging him to restart and set up a proper business establishment focusing on the overall health and fitness market.

"At the moment, most (fitness products available in Brunei caters to) body building, but we want to cater to marathon runners and other sports too," he explained.

Another online retailer who wished to remain anonymous was also of the opinion that the health and fitness industry in Brunei is growing, hence individuals are taking full advantage of it by reselling dietary supplements and even merchandise.

"Many people are setting up online businesses to make quick money out of it. (And to be honest) our profit is still minimal because the shipping cost can get really high," explained the 32-year old who runs a home gym.

He also attributes growing consumer awareness as the reason for the growth of nutritional supplement segment in the country.

Another reseller who did not want to be named said that he had been running his online business for over a year and has been enjoying "minimal" profit from it.

"I'm still selling because there are people who still want to buy. The demand is still there. I never question why they bought from me though. If I were to assume, perhaps some of them do not know how to purchase online," he said.

"I believe it's cheaper to buy from me because the shipment costs of bringing in a single item online, is way more expensive," the reseller added.

The local market price for a protein supplement ranges between $80 and $120 depending on the product and brand as well as size, according to information stated on online resellers' Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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