Over 20,000 air cleaners sold in Malaysia and S'pore during haze spike

Over 20,000 air cleaners sold in Malaysia and S'pore during haze spike

SINGAPORE - As the PSI level in Malaysia and Singapore spiked to its highest level in the month of June 2013, so did the sales of air cleaners in both countries.

Research firm Gfk reported that more than 20,000 units of these products were snapped up from retail stores within that month alone. This is the highest ever level reported in both countries.

The overwhelming consumer demand caused major stores in the countries to go out of stock for air cleaners.

Consumers in the two markets readily forked out a total of US$5.15 million (S$6.56 million) on air cleaners as air pollution in both Malaysia and Singapore reached hazardous levels.

This is six and a half times more than the sales garnered in an average month during January to June this year, which stands at US$789,500.

In Singapore alone, consumers bought nearly 13,000 air cleaners in June. In value terms, the US$3.5 million worth of sales garnered in the June alone contributed to 59 per cent of the total market's annual worth in the first six months period.

Over in Malaysia, sales of air cleaners similarly peaked at a record high where demand reached over 8,000 units in June.

"As the population come to realise that hazy days could become a recurring occurrence, we can anticipate air cleaners to become an important appliance commonly found in households in the future," observed Jasmine Lim, Account Director for Home & Lifestyle, GfK Asia.


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