Over 7,100 dengue cases this year, with 63 active clusters

PHOTO: Over 7,100 dengue cases this year, with 63 active clusters

SINGAPORE - More than 7,100 people have been infected with dengue so far this year - and more than 1,000 have needed to be hospitalised, new official figures reveal.

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Dengue cases continue to be on the rising trend, the National Environment Agency said on its dengue website.

DENV-1, the strain of virus that caused the 2013 epidemic, remains dominant. NEA expressed concern that a large proportion of Singapore's population is still susceptible to dengue infection due to the lack of immunity.

The hotter months of June to October are also when NEA usually sees higher transmission of dengue in Singapore. This is due to shortened breeding and maturation cycles for the Aedes mosquitoes and shorter incubation periods for the dengue virus.

"The best way to mitigate this higher transmission is to continue efforts to reduce the mosquito population. To protect ourselves, all of us need to play out part in removing stagnant water from out environment, so as to deprive the mosquitoes of their breeding habitats," NEA said.

NEA encourages all members of the public to be an advocate and remind their family members and neighbours to join in the effort to help stop the dengue transmission cycle.

Those planning to go overseas for vacation during the upcoming school holidays are reminded to mosquito-proof their homes before they travel.

The latest updates on the dengue situation can be found at www.dengue.gov.sg or the myENV app.