Overlooked reasons why marriages fail

There can be many reasons why a marriage don't work out. Some of them are obvious, others aren't. Here are some overlooked reasons why marriages fail.

1. The Internet

There are many ways people use the Internet to cheat.

2. Financial problems

Couples often don't talk about money.

3. You vent to a friend and not a therapist

A therapist is a neutral party who will not take sides.

4. The marriage was all about the wedding

Many couples spend time planning the wedding but not the marriage.

5. You prioritise your kids over your spouse

Some couples find it hard to switch from parent mode to couple mode.

6. Your careers come first

Couples often invest more time in their career and less in their relationship.

7. There is a loss of attraction

Fixing broken attraction can be difficult.

8. You don't know how to fight

It's difficult to resolve issues with varying communication styles.