Pan Ling Ling makes a comeback after battling cancer: 'I'm a warrior!'

PHOTO: Pan Ling Ling makes a comeback after battling cancer: 'I'm a warrior!'

Pan Ling Ling is making a comeback after her brave battle with cancer in Channel 5's new drama, Mata Mata 2.

The 44-year-old actress is currently in excellent form after being diagnosed with breast cancer in March last year, and even jokingly called herself a 'warrior'.

She had returned to work during the Lunar New Year this year, after recuperating from surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Pan will be playing a 'ma jie' in Mata Mata 2 -- her first role ever since her recovery.

On Aug 12, Pan made an appearance at a press conference for the drama with fellow colleagues Pierre Png, Allan Wu, Cynthia Koh. Not only had she slimmed down, the radiant-looking star was also sporting newly-grown, thick black hair.

According to reports from Lianhe Wanbao, the cheerful and optimistic actress revealed that she had been going for regular check-ups and that everything was normal in her medical reports.

Laughing, she said, "Aiya! I'm a warrior!"

Even though she has been in MediaCorp for 26 years, this will be the first time Pan will be acting in a Channel 5 series.

Other than having to change her habit and practise lines in English, she also had to adapt to different shooting techniques and requirements.

Pan will also be filming a 190-episode drama. However, she is not afraid of hardship and thinks of it as a good thing, as it is 'more stable' and saves her from thinking about what to shoot next.

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