Panel to assess appeals for pioneer status

PHOTO: Panel to assess appeals for pioneer status

Just missed out on getting the Pioneer Generation Package, but think you have good reasons to be counted among the pioneers?

A panel has been formed to look into your appeal.

It will assess appeals on a case-by-case basis.

To qualify for the Pioneer Generation category, Singaporeans must satisfy two criteria. First, they must be 65 or older this year. Second, they must have been citizens before 1987.

Some Members of Parliament had earlier called for the Government to be generous in approving appeals from those who ask to be counted as pioneers.

The 10-member appeals panel will be chaired by Timothy James De Souza, a member of the People's Association Board and Presidential Council of Minority Rights.

Mr de Souza said the panel will be "fair and consistent" in assessing the appeals.

"As our members come from different backgrounds and have a diversity of experiences, we will be able to consider different perspectives for each appeal," he added.

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