Party pills that are legal?

PETALING JAYA: They are cheaper, easily available and supposedly legal these are some of the reasons why young revellers are turning to the new craze in party pills.

The trend is catching on like wildfire among avid partygoers because the pills not only cost less than alcohol but users can also escape being pulled over by the police.

A user, who wanted to be identified only as Kris, 25, said roadblocks were common, especially after 3am when most nightclubs close.

"I've nearly been busted a couple of times after having one too many drinks. But with these legal pills, I don't have to worry about getting into trouble with the police even if there is a urine test.

"I believe I won't be caught because the pills contain substances that are said to be permitted by law.

"Even consuming alcohol can get one behind bars if there's a breathalyzer check.

"These drugs give me a more energetic high, unlike alcohol which can result in one feeling a bit disoriented. So, it's also pretty helpful when I'm on the road as it keeps me alert," said Kris.

Lure of the 'legal' poppers

A new range of party pills claiming to be "legal" versions of amphetamines and other psychotropic drugs has hit the country's nightlife scene.

More young people are being drawn to these poppers, sold under provocative names like "Groove-E" and "Pink Champagne" with the promise of inducing the same "high" as illegal drugs.

They are available online, in packets of two or four pills, priced at between RM50 (S$20.50) and RM80 (S$32.75) from a Kuala Lumpur-based website.

The site also sells sex-related stuff such as adult toys and herbal sexual enhancement drugs.

Among the listed ingredients of the pills are substances like aminoindan (a short-acting stimulant with effects compared to those of benzylpiperazine [BZP]) or methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, more commonly called Ecstasy), caffeine and poppy seeds.

Getting 'high' with a few clicks of the mouse

With just a few clicks of the mouse, anyone can buy "legal" versions of methylenedioxymethamphetamine or other psychotropic drugs online and have it delivered on the same day.

"Orders are shipped the same day if payment has been confirmed not later than 1pm," reads the locally-operated website which sells a range of things, including pep pills, sex toys, condoms and penis enhancement drugs.

On its main page, the site promises that the pills sold are "100% legal in Malaysia" and "work just as well as the real thing".

It delivers the products nationwide for a flat rate of RM5 (S$2) through Poslaju with payments made through cash deposits or bank transfers.