Paying a fatal price for vanity

A BIZARRE beauty obsession cost a young woman her life after she was believed to have died of intestinal cancer due to the effects from wearing fake dental braces for a year, reported Harian Metro.

Her best friend, known only as Mira, 25, said she took off her own braces after learning about the death.

"I got rid of all my braces after my friend who had been wearing the same type of braces died of intestinal cancer," said Mira, who is from Pekan.

Her best friend, known as Fatimah, was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in August 2013 and specialist doctors treating her believed that this could have been due to wearing the fake dental braces.

Fatimah later succumbed to fourth stage cancer.

"We started wearing them for fun after being influenced by our friends. They were not only cheap but easy to wear as we could fit them on our own.

"The price ranges from RM15 per unit with various colours. They are available online. We would change the braces twice or thrice a day," said Mira.

Fatimah's health, she said, started deteriorating in June 2013 before worsening in the months that followed.

Mira, who is now suffering from rotten teeth, said she was in Johor Baru when she heard of her friend's death.

"I immediately threw away all 15 braces we used to wear," she said, adding that she regretted not checking up on the hazards before following her obsession.

"I now have to spend thousands to restore my teeth. I am still traumatised every time I see fake dental braces advertisements on social media," she said.