People aged 18 to 39 top drug abusers' list

KUALA LUMPUR - The focus of the International Anti-Drug Day celebration will be on people between the ages of 18 and 39 -- the most vulnerable group.

National Anti-Drug Agency Malaysia (AADK) drug prevention director Wan Addenan Wan Mohd Noor said although statistics of drug abuse in general had declined, it was worrying that young people were topping the drug abuse list.

"We are concerned and realise that a different kind of approach matching today's trend has to be applied to cure this, using a more friendly and tactical method."

The event, organised by AADK in Bukit Bintang on June 24, is expected to bring together more than 5,000 drug prevention volunteers.

With the theme Sukarelawan Prihatin, AADK aims to create drug awareness and instil strong prevention values among the public.

Wan Addenan said based on statistics last year, 11,194 addicts were detected, and youth made up 8,513 of them.

"At this celebration, we have lined up fun and awareness activities, which will suit today's lifestyle, such as sudoku games, flash mobs, dance performances as well as medical check-ups and counselling."

He said the public could also gain knowledge on the Cure and Care Service Centres (CCSC) and other services available for rehabilitation.

"We would also be giving out three appreciation awards to the best volunteer who has made remarkable achievements in serving the agency and is committed to the agency's cause."

NGOs such as Drug-Free Youth Association, Pendamai, Rakan Anti-Dadah and Mawada-Community and women anti-drug group will also take part and help educate people on the negativity of drug abuse.

The event, which starts at 7am will have groups of volunteers jogging in from Sentul, Dataran Merdeka and other locations.