People exercising like zombies in China

People do all kinds of exercises in the morning.

Taichi, sword dancing, whipping and square dancing seem all absolutely normal these days.

But there's one activity that looks a bit odd.

A dance that seems to have been lifted straight out of zombie moves in TV dramas has suddenly become a trend in a park in Zhengzhou, Henan province, reported on Wednesday.

About 40 people use their hands and feet to crawl in the park in the morning.

According to one of the participants, walking on all fours helps her fix cervical vertebra problems.

Another said: "I have been doing this exercise for over six months. Apart from helping my neck, my blood pressure has also become normal. The person who started this exercise six years ago is now over 90 and in great health."

Lv Peiwan, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, said crawling will take the pressure off the lumbar vertebra and coordinate all the body parts.