Phuket hospital sees breast-surgery boom

THAILAND - More than 1,000 people, most of them foreigners, visit the Bangkok Hospital Phuket each year for breast augmentation. The service costs between Bt120,000 (S$4,891) and Bt170,000 (S$6,930).

"Australians and Russians are the biggest customer groups for this service," Bangkok Hospital Phuket's director Dr Narongrit Havarungsi said yesterday.

He believed foreigners come to his hospital for the service because it was relatively low in cost and good in quality.

"Moreover, they can combine the trip to the service with a stay in a four- or five-star hotel," Narongrit said.

He was speaking at an academic seminar entitled the Breast Augmentation Using Contour Profile Gel Implant Live Surgery workshop. Held to encourage the exchange of contour-profile breast augmentation techniques, the event attracted more than 25 cosmetic surgeons from countries including Singapore and the Philippines. This technique promises a more natural breast shape than the older technique.

Narongrit said this seminar would also reinvigorate Phuket's image as a tourist and medical destination.