Plastic surgery? Joey Wong's face looks out of shape and puffy

PHOTO: Plastic surgery? Joey Wong's face looks out of shape and puffy

Time marches on and eventually, you realise it's marching across your face. But fans of Taiwanese star Joey Wang want to know - what happened to her face?

According to a report in The Daily Chilli, recent photos of the 46-year-old actress, who retired her showbiz career 10 years ago but is rumoured to be considering a comeback, have surfaced in the Hong Kong media showing her looking worse for wear as if she's had a botched Botox or nip-and-tuck job gone wrong.

Joey was spotted at Hong Kong's Causeway Bay, where she was shopping and having tea with a friend, and paparazzi pictures captured her looking almost worn out. Although her hair was still long, black and thick, and her body looked fit in a white top and blue skirt combo that showed off her toned arms and legs, her eyes were all swollen.

Fans were so shocked by how pale and puffy she looked, a far cry from the innocent, wide-eyed girl from A Chinese Ghost Story whom they fell in love with in 1987, that speculation quickly arose that she must have had Botox injections or plastic surgery.

Gossip talk of an extreme makeover has been fuelled by rumours that Joey is thinking of staging her return to the entertainment industry. Recently, a cosmetics and jewellery company in Hong Kong reportedly dangled a HK$1 million offer in front of her in an attempt to lure her out of retirement.

Joey, whose scandalous affair with married Hong Kong businessman Peter Lam made headlines back in the '90s, appeared surprised when cornered by the paps, who badgered her with questions about her comeback. But all she did was smile for the photographers, thank them, and then went about her shopping.

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