Police probe online pic of toddler smoking drugs

Thailand - Police in the North are investigating a Facebook photo of a 2-year-old girl smoking amphetamine with the assistance of unidentified adults.

Pol Lt-Colonel Wibool Kedchat said yesterday that the consumption method was popular among adult users. There was a lighter designed to produce a special flame and a sheet of aluminium foil formed into the shape of a spoon.

The picture was probably taken at a kindergarten or nursery, judging from the mattress laid down in a spacious room, he said.

The girl, with her face openly shown, is using a straw to inhale fumes from a yaba tablet burning in the special spoon.

Wibool said the adults might be the girl's parents or relatives who were drug users. If arrested, they would be charged with assault, selling drugs or encouraging minors to act indecently or illegally.

What was most worrying was the girl's physical condition, which reflects extensive use of yaba, he said.

A police cybercrime unit is tracking the Facebook's physical location and the profile of the registered user of the page, possibly based in Chiang Mai and reportedly working as a part-time rescue worker, to find the source of the photo.