PSI hits a new high of 401 at 12 noon

SINGAPORE - The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) has hit a new high of 401 after a steady climb since 6am today.

The PSI was 94 at 6am, and made the leap to 367 at 10am before hitting 401 at 12 noon.

This puts air pollution levels way above the "hazardous" level of above 300.

The 24-hour PSI reading was between 170 to 198.

A look at the 8am PM2.5 concentration showed that the concentration of very fine particles in the air has also risen to 216 to 278 micrograms per cubic metre.

The PM2.5 concentration was 201 to 246 at 8am yesterday.

From today onwards, the National Environmental Agency (NEA) will be publishing hourly updates of the PSI situation around the clock.

The latest satellite image yesterday showed that dense smoke haze from Sumatra continue to be blown towards Singapore by the prevailing westerly winds.

NEA said that the current dry weather conditions and the westerly winds are likely to persist today, with no significant change in the overall air quality in Singapore.

Guidance for today

Healthy people

Avoid prolonged/strenuous outdoor physical exertion

Wear N95 mask if prolonged and strenuous outdoor activity is unavoidable

Elderly, pregnant women and children

Avoid all outdoor activity

Wear N95 mask if prolonged outdoor activity is unavoidable

People with chronic medical conditions especially lung or heart disease

Avoid all outdoor activity

Wear N95 mask if prolonged outdoor activity is unavoidable

Those who are not feeling well are advised to seek medical attention.

Employers are advised to provide suitable respirators to all employees carrying out outdoor work. They should also deploy susceptible employees to work indoors, preferably doing work which is not physically strenuous.

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