Quick lunchtime men's facial a hit

SINGAPORE - Despite the tears, I found myself rather enjoying my very first facial.

It all went down at Biotherm Homme's flagship boutique, which opened earlier this month.

The boutique spells good news for busy men who want to keep their skin in tip-top shape, but can't seem to find the time for it.

There, they will find options for a quick 30-minute facial ($45) during the lunch hour.

The 194 sq ft space is the skincare brand's first stand-alone store in the world.

Stepping in, you'd be greeted by shelves of products, separated into categories for different skin types. The staff will give a free consultation at a skincare lounge.

Last week, I went to try out a facial - my first. It turned out that there were a lot of "firsts".

It was certainly the first time I've cried with a woman's hands on my brows. But I digress.

Let's take things one at a time.

The store's facial assistant said that my face was extremely oily and my pores were clogged up. She added that my skin was a bit dry. Yikes! That was news.

Her assessment of my skin left me feeling rather demoralised, but I was told that help was at hand.

The store offers four facials - Purifying and Mattifying, Hydrating, Anti-fatigue and Anti-ageing - for different skin concerns. I was told that I needed to purify and mattify.

She first began cleaning my face with Clarisonic - an electronic skincare brush which cleanses skin six times better than hands alone.

She then massaged Biotherm's T-Pur facial cleanser onto my skin and neatened my brows by plucking stray strands with great fervour.

I was forced to shut my eyes, lest she see me weeping.

Next, she applied a roll-on gel, which reduces the appearance of dark circles, and massaged the area around my eyes. She followed up with a soothing face massage.

Lastly, she applied Total Perfector Skin Optimizing Moisturizer, which hydrates the skin. Then, I was given a shoulder and back massage - a pleasant surprise - which helped me to relax after the assault on my face.

Jokes aside, I left the store feeling refreshed and my skin feeling smoother.

Ms Evelyn Tan, the marketing manager of Biotherm, said the facials are a relief for those who have long work days or need "some tender loving care". She even quipped that the facials would net me a girlfriend.

Now that's a selling point, for sure.

The Biotherm Homme boutique is at ION Orchard (#B3-47). To book an appointment, call 6509-1507. A facial costs $45.

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