Ractopamine found in Taiwanese steakhouse

PHOTO: Ractopamine found in Taiwanese steakhouse

The Taipei City Government Department of Health (DOH) announced yesterday evening that a total of 2,792.19 kilograms of US beef has been confiscated, and beef products at My Home Steak were detected to contain a total of 2.3 ppb of leanness-enhancing substances.

The DOH visited fast food chains, steak houses, traditional markets and importing businesses yesterday, and inspected a total of 17 meat products.

Of the six products from the US, four from Australia, four from New Zealand, two from Taiwan, and one from Panama, the US beef at My Home Steak was detected to contain the highest amount of ractopamine.

The batch of beef with ractopamine was imported by Taipei-based Shusen Corp. on Nov. 25, 2011.

A total of 18,027 kilograms were imported by Shusen and distributed to Kaishu Foods - the meat provider of My Home Steak, RT-Mart, and Carrefour.

A total of 881.59 kilograms of the meat have already been sold by RT-Mart and Carrefour, and another 2,792.19 kilograms have been confiscated, the DOH said.

Under the Act Governing Food Sanitation, Shusen Corp. will face a penalty of NT$60,000 (S$2,562) to NT$6 million, according to the DOH.