'Revenge is a dish best served skinny'

PHOTO: 'Revenge is a dish best served skinny'

Embarking on a fat-to-fit mission was the only way she knew how to get over her acrimonious break-up with her fiance last year.

When British reality TV personality Vicky Pattison was at her heaviest, she had to endure many brutal comments from Twitter followers about her ballooning weight, the worst one being that the couple "didn't break up - she just ate him".

She shot to fame as one of the cast of the hit MTV series Geordie Shore, the UK spin-off of US reality TV series Jersey Shore.

The 26-year-old from Newcastle upon Tyne, a city in north-east England, went through a whirlwind of negative emotions after splitting with fellow castmate Ricci Guarnaccio before she decided to sign up for a boot camp.

Pattison - the "Geordie girl with the VIP edge" who's known for her party animal antics, sense of humour and no-nonsense attitude - went on to make headlines in the UK for her dramatic transformation.

In five months, her dress size dropped from 16 to 8 and she went from 75kg to her current 53kg.

"I was so sick of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and I knew that I had to do something.

"It took a lot of hard work, but I knew it would be one way that I could get over the break-up," Pattison told The New Paper over the phone from the UK.

Geordie Shore, which has had seven seasons to date, follows the roller-coaster relationships and antics of a group of lads and lasses from Newcastle living and working together.

The former engaged couple met at the Geordie Shore house while filming the second season in 2012 and were notorious for their volatile relationship, brought on by Guarnaccio's jealousy and Pattison's short temper.

She said: "We haven't spoken to each other since the break-up.

"Sometimes in life, you just end up with the wrong person and that was what it was.

"When you are with someone that person should bring out the best in you, but for Ricci and I, we had completely different morals, work ethics and a lot of other things."

According to Pattison, nothing makes her feel better than knowing that she lost weight "the right way by keeping to a strict diet and exercise regimen" and avoiding white bread, pre-packed sandwiches, fruit and potatoes."

She has even released a fitness DVD called Vicky's 7 Day Slim, on which she claims she teaches people to go from "mingin' (British slang for disgusting) to mint".


As part of starting anew, Pattison went on to film a new MTV reality dating series, Ex On The Beach, which follows a group of singles who try to find love during a dream luxury beach holiday - only for things to get complicated when all their exes turn up.

It premieres over MTV SEA (StarHub Ch 533/SingTel mio TV Ch 658) on April 23 at 11pm.

For Pattison, who claimed she was clueless about the twists, retribution was sweet as Guarnaccio showed up on the set after her Geordie Shore summer fling from Australia, Dan Conn.

Unlike Guarnaccio, Pattison and Conn parted on friendly terms and still have a thing for each other.

"By that point, I did have my hot bod and I also had this gorgeous guy (Conn) standing alongside me and it just couldn't have been better timing to bump into your ex.

"Revenge is a dish best served skinny."

Now that Pattison has got the "revenge" she wanted, she insisted she doesn't want to get into anything serious just yet despite the marriage proposals she gets.

She said: "I think Ex On The Beach gave me the push I needed... it got me back on the horse (of being single).

"And right now, I'm sort of loving the horse."

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She apparently worked out five days a week, doing strength training to tone her arms, legs, back and core and does cardio as often as she can.

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