Risky self-induced abortion

Pregnant women who abort their foetus by consuming pills bought online face the risk of infertility and even death.

Harian Metro reported that many women who got pregnant before marriage resorted to taking such pills, the most popular being Misoprostol, which is used to treat gastric.

Gynaecologist Dr Adilah Ahmat said the pill was meant to be consumed orally but these women inserted the pills into their vagina instead.

"Three hours later, they will bleed and the pregnancy is aborted. It sounds simple but it is very dangerous," she said.

The hexagon-shaped Misoprostol, when misused this way, leads to bacterial infection in the womb, resulting in pregnancy problems and infertility later on.

Dr Adilah said the bacteria could cause blood infection (septicemia), and possible excessive bleeding during the procedure could be fatal.

"If the procedure fails and the foetus remains alive, it could end up being deformed," she added.

The daily reported that pills like Misoprostol were sold online via many websites and Facebook pages, and service was "available 24/7".

The average price is RM220 (S$85) for 10 pills to abort a foetus below two months and RM380 for 20 pills to get rid of a foetus over months and beyond.

A reporter who disguised as a buyer was informed by a seller, aged 24, that she worked at a pharmacy in Kuala Lumpur.

The seller said the user would experience cramps, headaches, nausea, diarrhoea and fever shortly after taking the pills but that there should be no other side effects.