'Safe' workplaces may not be so safe after all

With more injuries being reported at workplaces not typically seen as dangerous, such as those in the retail and administration sectors, a workgroup has been formed to improve safety in these areas.

Called the Facilities Management Workgroup, it will raise safety awareness in such environments - especially where maintenance works are carried out - as well as come up with guidelines and training programmes for workplace safety.

It was introduced by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council at the launch of the "Go-to" programme yesterday. The five-day programme is part of the National WSH Campaign.

Under the programme, the council will work with large property owners whose main tenants are small and medium-sized enterprises, to educate the firms at their premises on workplace safety and health issues.

Over the next two years, the council will reach out to over 3,000 tenants in 144 buildings.


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