Sammi Cheng opens up on her 3-year battle with depression

In an interview, Sammi Cheng opened up about her three-year battle with depression.

Sammi Cheng is currently promoting her latest film Blind Detective. Recently, Sammi sat down for an interview to discuss the film and her thoughts on co-star Andy Lau. She also opened up about her relationship with on-and-off boyfriend Andy Hui, and shared the lessons learned during her three-year battle with depression.

In Blind Detective, Sammi plays a tough policewoman who will do anything to protect the man she loves. When asked if she will do the same in real life, she said "Yes".

"It seems to me that nowadays men are expected to protect women. However I feel that if a woman has the ability to, she should also protect her loved ones. I think love should be blind and illogical. Sometimes you may have to consider many factors, but you must continue on the path you have chosen," she shared.

In 2005, rumours surfaced that Sammi was suffering from serious depression and often locked herself at home for days at a time. After taking a break from the entertainment industry to recuperate, Sammi has spoken publicly about her battle with the disease and says it was life-changing experience.

"When I was sick, many friends would tell me, 'Take it easy, be more positive!' You must understand, when you are in that situation it isn't about whether you can let things go. I had many unresolved internal issues, many negative emotions that I could not get rid of.

"They slowly build up, and one day, I just exploded," she said.

"My experience is this: We must all properly manage our emotions at every stage of our lives. Don't let negative feelings build up."

When asked about her approach to managing emotions, Sammi said, "I was pretty bad at it in the past. I always kept the negative feelings inside, or expressed them in a worse way, such as throwing a fit. Having depression really changed me. I now have a more optimistic perspective.

"Before, I would always feel powerless against every small upset. Now, I feel like I will make it no matter how bad things may seem."

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